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Thursday, December 08, 2016

First Lilac Havana Appearance in a Show at Hollister

At the ARBA convention in Del Mar, the Lilac Havana (second row) passed the second showing.  Due to the excellent quality of the rabbits presented, the third showing was waived and Lilac Havana became an accepted color into the Standard of Perfection.   As soon as this information is published in Domestic Rabbits, the lilac Havana would be eligible to compete with other accepted colors for legs and eligible for grand championship in the following month.

Domestic Rabbits published this result in November, the Lilac Havana became eligible for showing in the first show in December, which is the RPSCV show at Hollister.     Judge Armando is commenting on this broken lilac Havana and it won the class.   Interestingly enough, the superintendent of the RPSCV show is Julie Spier, the COD presenter of the lilac Havana.   And she is in the background taking a picture of this historical moment.



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