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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Northern California Angora Guild Specialty Show Judging at Stockton

NCAG specialty show starts with English Angora white.

Judge Cathy is examining a very cute white English Angora junior.

Judge Cathy picks the English Angora colored senior doe as the Best of Variety then...

compares with the white senior doe and ...

the pick of BOB is the colored senior doe.


There are 21 French Angora on judge Cathy's table an there are more spectators viewing the judging.

French Angora judging from the other side, Carol W. writes for judge Cathy.

The colored senior buck is trying to escape when judge Cathy is commenting on another colored senior buck.

Judge Cathy likes the French Angora colored senior doe.

There are 8 colored senior does in the class, and judge Cathy ...

picks this one as the class winner and later advanced to be the BOB winner.

There are 12 Giant Angora in the breed, here is the big boy that wins the BOB.


And Tammy is the mama of the BOB winner.


The specialty Best In Show goes to Betty's English Angora colored senior doe.

For a list of Angora winners, go to:


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