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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Maturing of Uptown Girl

French Angora HGF Uptown Girl has been doing well in shows and she is a great mother.  She accomplished whatever we expected of a good rabbit.   Here are some photos of comparison before and after her becoming a mama rabbit.

Uptown Girl was born in June of 2015.  She started winning BOB in October 2016. 
 In March 2016, at 9 months old she received her first all breed Best In Show;  a month later at 10 months old, she received all breed Best In Show two more times.   She accumulated 21 legs of which 19 are BOB plus 3 BIS in six months; in May 2016 she took a leave from shows to prepare for motherhood.

After giving birth in June 2016 and raised 1 son and 4 daughters, Uptown Girl returns to shows in October 2016.  Look at her matured coat!   Long, flowy and shiny.  

Uptown Girl in March 2016.

Uptown Girl in October 2016 after raising a litter of five.

How do Uptown Girl's one son and four daughters do in shows?   One daughter Claudina won BOV and BOSB in the ARBA convention at 3-1/2 months old, won a Reserve In Show at 4-3/4 months old.   The other daughters all have legs and placed well and the son at less than 5 months old has 4 junior legs and 2 senior legs.

Uptown Girl is bred by Eric and owned/shown by Betty.


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