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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday Angora Judging at Cow Palace

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows sponsored the double all breed shows at Cow Palace on Sunday October 23, 2016
Judge Chris Z judges both English Angora and French Angora on Sunday morning.   She is checking on a baby English Angora.
There are 13 English Angora in the show on Sunday.  Matt is watching judge Chris Z working on the colored junior buck class.


There are 13 French Angora for judge Chris Z to examine.   Bethany and Timmy are watching the judging.

Judge Chris Z is working on the French Angora colored junior classes.


On the table is the colored junior doe that won the class.


Judge Kevin is the English Angora judge in show D.   Matt is working as the table clerk.


Judge Kevin comments on the colored English Angora.


Show D French Angora judge is Piper S. from PA.

Judge Piper from PA likes this French Angora colored senior doe.

For Sunday Angora results, go to:



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