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Friday, September 23, 2016

NCAG Angora Specialty Judging at Stockton


Judge Carol G. starts the specialty show with white French Angora.

Julie D, Evan and Evan's mom Jennifer watch the white French Angora being judged.


The colored senior doe is not too thrilled to be on the table.


The French Angora juniors are a lot more friendly and lively.


Now the judging moves to English Angora, Casey and Betty watch judge Carol G. works on the colored juniors.


Matt and Carolyn helps to keep the English Angora juniors stay in the coops while Casey records judge Carol G's comments on the colored junior bucks.

The big English Angora senior does are a sight to be treasured, Carolyn will agree that's a fair statement.


The English Angora colored senior does are on the table, Carolyn takes photos.

Here is one of the photos that Carolyn took.
 For a complete list of Angora results from show A, B and specialty shows, go to:


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