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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Angora Wool Storage , Part 2 - Dyed Wool

When the wool is dyed, the process requires wetting, washing then cooking, see

If the wool is not spun into yarn right away, it needs to be stored.  Because the dyeing process involves the wool being totally wet, it's better not to be put into plastic bags right away.   

I found these small laundry bags in the Dollar Tree store, $1 a pack, there are three mesh bags.

I put the dyed wool in these mesh bags.    I either use them for spinning a litter later or put them in plastic bags after at least a week of air out.  Each bag can put in up to 6 ounces.

At Dollar Tree, there is also this large laundry bag that can store more wool. 

Obviously this bag can take a lot more than the 5 ounces of hot pink Angora wool that I dyed.  

Here is a comparison between the large laundry bag in the package and how big it is for the wool.

And there is the pop-up hamper that is very useful if I want to work on the wool.

The hamper goes from very compact in the package to a good size pop-up.

Here is a birds-eye view of the hamper with dyed lavender wool.   The hamper has two handles, very convenient in being carried.

Since I have only been dyeing raw wool recently, my stash of dyed wool is meager comparing to my natural wool inventory.    I put the mesh bags inside an empty cage in our family room.


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