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Friday, August 19, 2016

Angora Wool Storage, Part 1 - Natural Raw Wool

Betty says,

 I harvest my rabbits' wool by scissor cutting, I store the clean wool that is prime without any web or mat into gallon size bags.  I favor Hefty for it's slider function but I do use other brands if the price is right.    Each gallon size plastic bag hold 2 to 6 ounces, my "regular" bags are 4 ounces each.  These wool can be spun from the bag, no carding nor cleaning needed.

Sometimes I have so much wool that are the same color that I would store them in the jumbo size bags.   Each jumbo size bag could hold up to 12 ounces comfortably.   It seems that Hefty is the only brand that has jumbo size plastic storage bags.  

This is a side-by-side comparison of the jumbo vs. gallon size bags.

My wool storage cabinet in the garage is overflowing with my prime wool in plastic bags.   Allen has said many times, "It's hard to get the image of Betty's wool avalanche off my mind".  

The cabinet is so stuffed that the doors need to be weighed down or the wool would spill out.   How big is the storage cabinet?  Here are my two rollers for rabbit carriers used to weigh down the doors.  The bigger roller can put three 14 x 18 carriers at the bottom tier, the entire roller can take up to 9 carriers when I roll it to the showroom.   The smaller roller takes 2 carriers at the bottom and takes up to 6 carriers when I roll it.



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