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Friday, July 15, 2016

Gabe and Family Visit Betty and Kathi

Left to right are Kathi, Betty, Gabe, Erika, Julia and Monica at Betty's family room.


Betty has a litter of French Angora, Kathi, Julia, Erika and Gabe have a good time playing with the babies.


Monica wishes all the French Angora stay this small.



English Angora judging time.


Gabe evaluates Betty's English Angora colored senior does.

Erika takes a selfie of her with brother Gabe and sister Julia.  


Gabe, Julia, Erika with Angelique.


Who is bigger? Julia or Angelique?

A nice lunch at Chili's.   Gabe and Erika will be driving to NC and PA the next morning.  



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