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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Carol's Beautiful Watson Spinning Wheel

Carol shows off her new Watson spinning wheel that she received in February.

Carolyn watches Carol spinning on this magnificent wheel.

A close up of Carol spinning on the Watson wheel.   The following photos were sent to Carol prior to the shipping. 

The Watson spinning wheel was packed to ship to Carol's home in February 2016.   It's made by James and Andrew Watson in Canada.   All their wheels are custom made, the waiting is LONG.   Their website says 3 years, Carol waited for close to 6 years! 


Each wheel is numbered with the owner's name on a plate.

The dual foot pedals have matched wood grain.

The wheel comes with four bobbins.

A close up of the wheel.

The front of the wheel.

The back of the wheel.

The wheel not only spins like a dream, it is also a work of art.




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