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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Great Time at Carol's

It's June, it's the time for the annual backyard show and party at Carol's gorgeous home.
The Angora Group from left to right are: Patrick, Jill, Matt, Carolyn, Casey, host Carol, Betty, Maria and Seth.   There are also exhibitors of Jersey Wooly and Fuzzy Lop but they are not in this picture.

This blog started in 2005 when Carol held the double show and potluck lunch.   See

The above post was a delayed one as there wasn't a blog when the show was held.  This blog was created to post the photos of the June 2005 activities a month or so later.

How time flies, it has been 11 years since this blog started.    One of the judges in the first post, Brian Hartzell, had passed away in 2009 and some of the exhibitors are no longer in the wonderful world of rabbits.     Carol, Casey and Betty were at the show in 2005 and still at the show in 2016.

We thank Carol for hosting the show and being so hospitable to all of her friends.  


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