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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

English Angora from Mars?

Allen says, "I ordered a banner for the small animal barn, Betty, you got to see it."

It's a very long banner, on the left it lists Franchesca's Guinness record.   I'm very flattered!

In the middle of the banner, it talks about Angora wool that makes into Angora sweater.    Great information!


On the right, there is a rabbit.

What is it?   That's not Franchesca!   That's not even a breed or a color recognized by ARBA.

Allen says, "I gave Franchesca's photo to our marketing department but see what they used!"   

There was a claim by someone on Facebook that I had imported my "world famous blue ribbon English Angora" from someone in a country in Asia; according to this person, not only I imported it, I would be flying over there to buy some more!    It has been a joke among us, those who know me know that all my English Angora were born in my barn, I do not accept outside genes.     This image is so interesting that it must have been imported from Mars!  Or maybe from Venus!

Allen and I had a good laugh.



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