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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Angelique Has a Great Spring

Betty's English Angora chocolate tort senior doe Chu's Angelique wins her first all breed Best In Show at the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows at Gridley. 

Judge Cathy in show C awards the Best In Show to Angelique at Gridley.

In the CBS Easter Bunny video in late March, Angelique is the model for grooming.  

At the WCC event in Reno, Betty grooms Angelique for showing.

Angelique is quite ready for the show table.

In the first Angora specialty show, Angelique gets the Best In Show honor from judge Eric, the Executive Director of ARBA.

In the second Angora specialty show, judge Hannah from OH awards the Best In Show title to Angelique.

In the 3rd Angora specialty show at Reno, judge Scott also selects Angelique as the Best In Show.

In the 4th Angora specialty show, ARBA president judge Josh picks Angelique the Best In Show again.

After four specialty Best In Show wins at the WCC event at Reno, Angelique finally received her first all breed Best In Show win two weeks later at the Gridley all breed show.  

For a complete list of Angora results at WCC event at Reno, go to:

For a complete list of Angora results at Gridley, go to :


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