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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Crowded Showroom at Gridley


Gridley showroom was extremely crowded.  Though the number of entries were not as numerous as the show at Vallejo, due to the fact the building was smaller and that the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows shared the building with the 4-H club,  it's wall to wall cages and people.   The Angora people happened to be setting up close to the 4-H activities, we can see lots of youth in the above photo.

Julie came to the show very early to get space for all the Angora and other wool breed exhibitors.   She is shown here with her French Angora.


Betty's fiber creations are on the same stand as her rabbits.


Here's a Mini Rex breeder and his rabbits.

Here is another angle of the crowded showroom.



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