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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brock's English Angora Won Big in Youth Shows from New York to Ohio

Brock writes from Ohio:

"I have some more great news! I attended the Angora nationals a couple of weekends ago and my bunnies did great! In the angora national show I had BOB English with Windy Hills Gemma (The same doe that won BIS in NY) I had BOS with Windy Hills Gorwan. Gemma went on to win youth BIS out of almost 30 other youth angoras under judge Paul J.! But that's not it, then Gorwan won BOB in the NY specialty and Gemma won BOS, Gorwan then won RIS under judge Dereck Poole.

Then in the Fingerlake all breed shows Gemma won youth BIS show A under judge Deb V. and Gorwan won BIS B under Paul J. I won BIS all 4 shows BOS 3 shows 3 BIS and a RIS.

Then I went to the Columbus Ohio Mini Convention last weekend and Gemma won BIS in the specialty show sat. and BOB on Sunday and was the only other bunny that got a second look for best of group the cal won but it was very pretty and a huge show so I'm still proud. Gorwan was BOS both shows! These are both home bred champs and I'm so proud of them. They will be prime for convention so i can not wait to see how they do and i can't wait for you to see them! Attached are all the pics!"


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