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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Week Long Cleaning Ritual

Using a blow-torch to flame away the wool and spider webs on the cage.

The next step is to use a power washer to wash away the residual wool and poops.

All the trays and stacks of cages are waiting to be power-washed.

Betty says,

"There is a 5-week break from shows, it's a good time to do my annual big cleaning.

I clean my rabbits' trays every two days and do regular maintenance. Once a year, I take everything out of my barns and do a major cleaning. It's not a cleaning 'day', it's a cleaning 'week'! It takes an entire week to do detailed cleaning.

Hubby helps a lot in this major cleaning event; I can do the preparation, taking out the rabbits, pulling out the stacks of cages, using brush and a small hand-held blow torch to scrub the cages, bleaching all the water bottles and feeders, ... When it comes to using the powerful big blow-torch and power washer, it'd take hubby to do the job. Two to three days out of the week-long cleaning, hubby is the 'power ranger'.

We have been doing this major cleaning for five days now, the worst is over. I got one to two more days of miscellaneous things to clean and to tidy up; til next summer."


  • At 3:49 AM, Blogger Vivelly said…

    Thats really interesting..using a blow torch, guess only works for steel
    Betty, could you put up more pics of your barn set up? I love your cages! I always love to see how others set up their rabbitries. :-)

  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger Northern California Angora Guild said…

    If you go to archives in August 2006, you'll see several posts showing the reconstruction of my main barn.



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