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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Working Toward Chestnut Giant Angora

Tammy and Karin are working toward the goal of getting the chestnut Giant Angora recognized.  This is one of the does in the F1 generation.  She is 5 months old already 11 pounds.   The wool are body are good, need a bit of work on the frontal face and ears.

The ring definition is good, this photo was taken with the blower on.  

Without putting on the blower, the color band is more obvious.

Another view of the chestnut bands in the natural state.

Tammy and Karin brought 8 colored Giant Angora with them, 6 are chestnut and 2 are black.  The black already has a COD (certificate of development) by a group of breeders in the Midwest.  Tammy and Karin are on their way to apply for the chestnut COD.

The same 8 colored Giant Angora from their back side.  Tammy is on the left and Karin on the right.

Even though the colored Giant Angora cannot compete for BOB or leg, they are actually better rabbits than the white counter part that won BOB at Red Bluff.   


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