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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Angora Friends From Pacific Northwest

Tammy and Karin came all the way from WA to attend the Red Bluff show.   Red Bluff is one of the shows that the northwest and west Angora breeders meet and exchange ideas.   

Tammy and Karin's herds of colored Giant Angora.

Though the colored Giant Angora is not yet an accepted variety, Tammy promotes them with all her heart.  Randy likes what he saw.

Oregon breeders Crystal and Arianne show off their Satin Angora while Karin watches in the background.

Dawn from Oregon helps to run the table.

Rene from Oregon also helps the table chores.

The happy breeders from WA, OR and CA join together for a dinner on Saturday night.   On the left side are Betty, Casey, Dawn, Karin and Rene.  On the right side are Tammy, Carol, Arianne and Crystal.


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