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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Scenes from The Crescent City Show

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows hold triple shows on Saturday September 1, 2018 and Sunday September, 2018 at Crescent City.

Carol and Jim are going through the famous Golden Gate Bridge to Crescent City.  It's a 7-hour drive.

A handsome Fuzzy Lop junior buck is waiting on the grooming table.

Carol is telling a Fuzzy Lop to stay in the coop.

A Fuzzy Lop is on the table waiting for Best In Show judging.

Though there are five shows during the weekend, it's relatively small due to the distance to the Bay Area.   There are more exhibitors from Oregon than from California.   There's not a significant number of Angora, thus no photos of Angora is available.


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