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Friday, August 31, 2018

This Old Bear is a Good Bear

This is a cute bear, where does he come from?

Andrea brought him to the show.  Andrea had French Angora in the 1990s but now in Mini Rex.

Casey helps to groom Bear's right side.

Betty grooms Bear's left side.

Jill grooms the Bear's back.  It's a group effort to give old Bear a spa experience.

This old bear is over 20 years old.   Old time Angora breeder Jane Turner handspun the Angora/Merino yarn then knitted it into the bear.  The Bear has been residing with Andrea for the past 20 years and now Andrea wishes to pass the oldie to a next generation Angora breeder.   Jill fits the bill: Jill's maiden name is Turner and she's the newest of Angora breeders and she is also the newest of the fiber artists.   Old Bear goes from one Turner to another Turner, what a fitting way of passing the baton.   


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