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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Family Affairs of Fuzzy Lop and French Angora

They are the same size but one is the mom and one is the suckling baby, one has lop ears but one has upright ears, what happened?

Fuzzy Lop does are known to be good moms, she took in the two French Angora bunnies since they were a few days old.

The Fuzzy Lop mom treats the French Angora bunnies as family, she couldn't care less whether their ears are lopped.

The two 7-week-old French Angora bunnies with their milk-mate 8-week-old Fuzzy Lop bunny.

They don't know that they are different, they are just happy milk-mates.

Mama Fuzzy and her charge: French Angora and Fuzzy Lop bunnies.

Miniature Aussie Shepard wants to join the rabbit crowd.


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