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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tucking in the Loose Ends

It's pretty to have different colors on one piece of garment, do you know what the wrong side looks like?  
On the right is the right side of one fingerless mitten with three colors, black, coral and chestnut agouti.  On the left is the wrong side of the other mitten with all the loose ends hanging.   Each color adds a few loose ends, there are lots of loose ends to be tucked in.   How do you tuck in the loose end?   Use a crochet hook needle to hide the each one of them.


On the left it still shows the wrong side of the fingerless mitten but all the loose ends are hidden, this process is called "tucking in the loose ends". 


Turn the wrong side over to the right side, now the pair of the fingerless mitten is done.



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