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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dyed Wool Before and After Hand Pulling

Dyeing wool involves wetting the wool, adding color then cook the wool.   From the pot the dyed wool is usually a wet mess.   After days of drying, the wool looks all matted and clumped.

As long as the wool is not webbed or matted before being dyed, it's very easy to tear the clumps apart by hand.    Compare the first photo with the second photo, all it takes is a gentle pulling.   It's better to pull the wool with the natural alignment instead of sideways.   It's easier to pull and better for spinning later on.

Here is a batch of dyed magenta English Angora wool.   The clumps on the left are dried but yet to be pulled apart.   The cloud on the right are the hand-pulled dyed wool.


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