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Monday, July 03, 2017

Jonas Gets A Hair Cut

Jonas is a very handsome boy.

Jonas has a big head and big nose, important features for a buck.  He also has the wool that could rival does.    During his reign in shows, he won over his littermate sisters Jada and Jania twice to have received the honor of BOB, the rest or the winnings are all BOSB, he has a total of 18 legs.

All good things have to come to an end, his show coat is getting hard to groom and that his brother Jovas is winning over him, it's time for Jonas to get a hair cut.     The first cut is always the most difficult.

A few more cuts exposes a little round back.

Jonas has great depth, now very visible with the wool removed from his back.

The cut marks makes his body look like a pineapple, such cuts are referred to as "the pineapple cut".

The "wool fall".

An extended wool fall.

The pile of wool cut from Jonas is bigger than Jonas himself.  
Bucks can get really excited seeing a big pile of wool, they think there might be a doe hidden underneath.  When doing the final cuts on the underside, one has to be very careful not to harm his "extended" part.


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