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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Saturday Show B Angora Judging at Turlock

In show B, the judge for Angora is Jennifer Milburn, mother of Ashley who judged show A.   Judge Jennifer is examining a white English Angora, Matt is the table writer.

Now judge Jennifer is checking on a colored English Angora.

Another colored English Angora is being examined.
There are 17 English Angora in the breed.


There are 24 French Angora entered in the show, the table is fully cooped.

Judge Jennifer is examining a fawn French Angora.

A broken chestnut French Angora is being evaluated.
On the table are two chestnut French Angora.  The one in the front is a senior buck and the darker on in the back is the senior doe, they are competing for the Best of Breed.   The BOB winner is the buck thus the doe is the BOSB.


The Satin Angora always have more intense color than any of the other wool breeds.

Very pretty Satin Angora.
For a list of winners, go to:



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