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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mister Bun Bun Has A Younger Brother

In April 2015, Peter and Shu Lin adopted Mister Bun Bun, see: 
Shu Lin opened an Instagram account for Mister Bun Bun:
 that has over 2700 followers.

One of the recent post is Mister Bun Bun's 2-year-old birthday party.  Shu Lin is a very accomplished baker, she made this birthday cake for Mister Bun Bun.  

Shu Lin writes to Betty:
"Happy Holidays!! Can you believe Bun Bun is already two years old? Just want to let you know that he is a healthy and happy bunny. We want to thank you for giving Bun Bun to us."

"I just had a baby a year ago. Just like the rest of us, he adores Bun Bun and every time he sees him, he'll smile."

"Right now he's a little too young, so we're separating the two of them in different areas of the living room. Can't wait for him to be old enough to take care of his older brother, Bun Bun. "


"Here is a picture of our family." 
It's very rewarding to hear from the families that have an English Angora.   English Angora is beautiful, sweet, tame, ... but also time-consuming in maintenance.    It's a joy to get reports and feedbacks of how well the rabbit is doing with Shu Lin and Peter plus Leo.  
Thanks for the update, Shu Lin,  looking forward to more updates in the near future.  



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