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Monday, February 06, 2017

French Angora HGF Ginger Rogers Wins Double Best In Show at Pasrba Convention

Pasrba Convention is the largest rabbit show in the east.  This year the Pasrba convention was held on Saturday February 4 and Saturday February 5, 2017.  
According to the Pasrba Facebook page, there were over 17,000 entries in two days.  Each day there is one open and one youth all breed show, then there are a large number of specialty shows.   Winning the all breed Best In Show at the Pasrba is the crown jewel of any achievement.

On Saturday French Angora HGF Ginger Rogers wins the open all breed Best In Show.  The judge is Mike Avesing, the previous ARBA president.    The breeders/owners are Eric Stewart and Gabe Fernandez.
In the photo are Gabe and Mike, Eric is not shown.    This is the first time HGF Ginger Rogers going to a show.

On Sunday Febraury 5, 2017, again HGF Ginger Rogers wins the all breed Best In Show.   The Best In Show judge is Josh Humphries, the current president of ARBA.  Once again Eric is not in the photo.

This photo and the next photo are taken from the Pasrba Facebook page showing the crowded main show room. 

This photo and the above photo are actually one wide angle photo but it's too long to be posted in entirety.  The wool breeds are not in the main showroom.


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