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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Blizzard - Oldie but Goodie


 Received an e-mail from Patricia and Doug from Canada:
"Could you please verify for us the oldest purebred English Angora rabbit to your knowledge?"
"One of your rabbits--Chu's Terena--came to Happy Hops Rabbitry in Canada.  We had the great fortune to purchase one of Terena's and Rue's bunnies from Holly.  His name is Blizzard, and he is 11 years old."
Blizzard used to be a show rabbit, Holly of SK, Canada had shown him over 10 years ago.

He moved from Saskatchewan to Ontario and became an indoor pet rabbit.

Blizzard has a lot of toys.

Blizzard plays different roles.

Even though Blizzard is a boy, he has his feminine side.

Blizzard does not mind play with the scary devil.

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Blizzard with his wild side, he was 9 years old when this picture was taken.

January 25, 2017 was Blizzard's 11th birthday, the above picture was taken on February 2, 2017 when he celebrates the Ground Hog Day.      We wish Blizzard a belated Happy Hoppy Birthday.
Patricia and Doug, Great Job!



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