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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A Pet Life is an Enjoyable Life


Jacky is one of Betty's Grand Champion white bucks.

Jacky has a change of lifestyle, going from a show rabbit to an indoor pet rabbit that has free run in the house.   He is renamed Winchester by Robert and Suzi.   Since he is registered as Jacky, Betty calls him Jacky/Winchester.

Jacky/Winchester has a house mate Pumpkin.

Jacky/Winchester and Pumpkin are fast best friends.

There is also a beautiful cat as their house mate.

Two more baby English Angora joint the family of Robert, Suzi and their twins.

Babies, Jacky/Winchester and Pumpkin all get along well.


Baby enjoys his pellets.

A happy family of English Angora.


The best life is a pet's life, lounging on the sofa, enjoying the attention and even watching their favorite TV programs.



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