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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WCC 2016 - Friday Night NCAG Specialty Show

The much anticipated West Coast Classic 2016 event finally arrives on Friday, April 8 and continues to April 10. 
Northern California Angora Guild holds the first Angora specialty show on Friday night, April 8, 2016 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center.
Where is this?  East coast? Nevada? California?
Believe it or not, it's on the California side.  It's April but the rest area is covered with snow.

Betty and her rabbits are taking a pit stop at the Rest Area.

The NCAG specialty show is judged by the ARBA Executive Director Eric who flew in from PA, he is known for his gorgeous Best In Show winning French Angora.    The first breed on the table is Satin Angora.

Then there are the French Angora.

The exhibitors are all interested in what Eric has to say, he is the most knowledgeable French Angora breeder in the nation. 

Now the English Angora are on the table.

On the table is one of the English Angora colored senior bucks.

Would you believe that there are so many English Angora colored junior does in the class?
You may notice that the showroom by then is quite empty, the Angora specialty is the last specialty show of the day, it's beyond 10 pm.

The Giant Angoras are showing up on Saturday, and here are the three winners of the French Angora, English Angora and Satin Angora.   Betty has the French Angora on the left and English Angora in the middle, Shannon has the BOB Satin Angora.   There are over 50 Angoras in the Friday night specialty show.

And the Best In Show winner of the first specialty show is Betty's English Angora Chu's Angelique.




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