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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Celebrities at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach has beautiful golf course and scenery.

With blue sky and temperature in the 70s, the attendance to the AT&T Pro Am at Pebble Beach is very good.

Here is a list of the celebrities participating in the 3M Celebrity Shootout.

One of the most well known is local resident Clint Eastwood.    Behind Clint Eastwood in blue is Kenny G and to the left of Kenny G is Toby Keith.

Another shot of Clint Eastwood.

Bill Murray.

Josh Duhamel.

In the front putting is Larry the Cable Guy, in lavender shirt is Cole Ford.

Putting in the front is Gary Mule Deer, in the back are Josh Duhamel, Clint Eastwood and Cole Ford.

Alfonso Ribeiro.

Clay Walker.

Toby Keith.

A close shoot of Toby Keith.

Kenny G.

Huey Lewis. 

These are the trophies that the celebrities are playing for.  The 12 celebrities are separated into two teams and each team has a charity.   They play 5 holes total, each hole is worth $20,000 for the team charity.

  This year the first four holes were all tied up so the entire $100,000 was determined by the last hole.   The two teams still had a tie so eventually the teams did a chip off, whichever team member got the ball closest to the hole would win.    Kenny G did his team proud, his ball was at the edge of the hole and won the $100,000 for the team charity and each of the six team members received a crystal trophy.


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