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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Who is This? Mackie again?


Mackie had a hair cut not too long ago, sure he could not be
carrying a coat like this.     Who is it?
He looks like Mackie but this is Mackie's younger half
brother Chuckie Cheese.

Chuckie Cheese is the winner of the colored junior buck class
at the ARBA convention at Fort Worth while older brother Mackie is
the winner of the colored senior buck class.   Brother Mackie
went on to win the Best Opposite Sex of breed. 

Chuckie Cheese is following big brother Mackie's footstep to be a handsome buck
and the usual winner of the Best Opposite Sex of breed in shows.

Both Mackie and Chuckie Cheese look like their daddy Kenneth
who is an all breed Best In Show winner,
Like father like son, all three bucks look alike and all are very handsome.   


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