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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Angora People Having a Great Time at Vallejo

Carol W., Lindsay and Julie are holding their big boys: competitors in the French Angora colored senior buck class.  
Casey's English Angora white senior buck has been doing really well in shows.

Betty is grooming Fawntasy for the top competition.


This is not exactly an Angora but Carol G. is showing her French Angora white senior buck and colored junior doe.  Both took first in their classes.
Maria is the farthest Angora exhibitor coming from WA, Matt is a new English Angora papa who is enjoying the Angora experience.

Crystal is holding her handsome English Angora fawn buck.

Carolyn is taking picture of everyone else, most of the pictures on this page were taken by her.  

Lindsay is treating friends with her homemade cupcakes, what's the occasion?

Casey had her birthday the day prior to the show and Lindsay made the cupcake to celebrate Casey's birthday.




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