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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Combining Colors for Mittens

Making a pair of red and black mittens: The black yarn is a commercial yarn for the cuffs.   Angora does not have memory, it's not quite suitable for the cuff area.   The black yarn is a little boring so a very fine strand of Shetland yarn is added to offer some variation.   The red Angora is dyed with two packs of KoolAid strawberry flavor, the base Angora handspun yarn is white.  

This is the finished pair of the red and black/white mittens.

A similar pair of pink mittens is in progress: the pink Angora is dyed with pink Easter egg dye on handspun white Angora yarn.    The cuffs are made of the fine white Shetland combined with 80% pure wool loop yarn.  Both commercial yarns are made in the US.


A close-up of the pair of completed pink mittens.




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