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Friday, December 05, 2014

Franchesca Gets a Hair Cut


After winning 12 all breed Best In Show, 9 Reserve In Show, 8 specialty Best In Show and convention Best of Variety, it's time for Franchesca to take a step off the shows.  She has a good run not only in the show circuit, she also appeared in TV shows and websites nationally and internationally.  In addition, she also holds a record that will be officially announced sometime in 2015.   
All good things come to an end, Franchesca is going through a haircut.

More cuts.

Franchesca's wool is like a waterfall.

On the convention remark card, judge commented that she has a "perfect body", now her body is exposed, isn't it a nice looking little body?

More of the wool-fall.

Instead of a full coated English Angora, now Franchesca looks like an oversized Lionhead.



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