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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Betty Grooming during the Show at Lodi


Usually Betty is behind the camera taking pictures of the judges doing their job.   At Lodi, thanks to Carolyn, there are photos of her working on her rabbits to be judged.  On the table is her English Angora white senior buck Chu's Jake.   Jake is the BOSV at the ARBA convention at Fort Worth.

A close-up of Jake.   In the background are other English Angora and Betty's fiber creation.

On the grooming table is Chu's Mackie, Betty's English Angora colored senior buck that won the BOS at the ARBA convention.

Another picture of Betty working on Mackie.  

A close-up of Mackie.

A close-up of Fawntasy.

We thank Carolyn for these photos.



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