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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doggie Charity Run

The doggie cancer society banner.

The doggie cancer society accepts donation to exchange for a doggie chase game.

The price list of the run.

This is what the dog would be chasing.

It looks like a squirrel, it's stuffed, of course.
This is the run master who uses a remote device to start the stuff squirrel zipping through the orange fenced run course.

The dogs are excited.

The barking is deafening.

"My turn, my turn, my turn!" in doggie language.

The run master is explaining to the doggie mamas that they need to control their dogs until it's their turns.

A happy dog chases the stuffed squirrel.

The happy dog gets his squirrel but does not want to leave the course.

Another happy dog gets the stuffed squirrel.

"Yes, look at me, I got it!"


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