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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walking the Turkeys


 In addition to the open and youth rabbits shows, there are Mr. and Mrs. Turkey on display at the fairgrounds in Santa Maria.

The turkeys are being judged in the 4-H show.
 The turkey couple are so used to be in youth activities that they do not need to be load or unload into the owner's truck.  They walk to the truck from the coop by themselves when the show is over.  It's an amazing sight.
 There are two female runner ducks and a drake on display.  The runners are the best egg producers, lay more than 200 eggs a year.
 A pair of young African Gray geese are also on display.
 And a pair of Muscovy ducks.  One would be lucky to get 30-40 eggs from a Muscovy; they are very good at hiding their eggs and they are very stubborn in getting their eggs hatched into ducklings.
 There are rows of chickens on display.
 More chickens.  These coops are very similar to the coops used for rabbits in ARBA conventions.

A 4-H project display.


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