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Friday, July 02, 2010

Carol G. And Family Went To Italy

Carol G. and her entire family went to Italy last year to scout location for the pending wedding of Adam and Heather; they all went back to Venice for the wedding in June this year. It's very kind of the family to share with us photos of the trip and the wedding in Italy and then Adam and Heather's honeymoon in Greece. We start with Part I.

Murano glass is famous and we watched a master craftsman blow glass. The chandaleir is a classic handblown glass item that is typical of Venice (and very expensive!).

The cathedral in San Marco square is the site of Saint Mark's tomb, which gave the rulers of Venice great political power in the past.

Venice is just a beautiful this year as we remembered. The canals and boats are gorgeous in Venice and water taxis are the second mode of transportation after walking.

Venice is a series of very small archipelago islands connected by bridges. There are nearly 500 bridges in Venice.

Adam arranged for a tour for the wedding guests; he and Heather were so busy before the wedding that it was hard to get a photo of them together but here they are with family and friends listening to the tour guide.


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