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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Four English Angora Best Of Breeds, One Of Each Kind

White doe Chu's Susie won BOB in the 2009 ARBA Convention.

White buck Chu's Nolan won BOB in the 2008 ARBA Convention.

Colored doe Chu's Sevenah won BOB in the 2007 ARBA Convention.

Colored buck Chu's Ashton won BOB in the 2003 ARBA Convention then advanced to winning the Group.

Betty says,

"It is unusual for a buck to win Best of Breed in any of the Angora breeds; it is even more unusual for an English Angora buck to win the BOB in the ARBA national convention.

In 2008, Judge Randy S. asked me whether Nolan was the first white buck to have won that honor. I don't know whether it's the first ever, but I do know it's the first in 23 years that I have attended ARBA conventions; and I also had only seen one colored buck winning BOB English Angora in the ARBA convention and that was Ashton in 2003.

Most of the years the winner would be a white doe or a colored doe, bucks are usually the Best Opposite Sex of the Breed (BOS). In the past years, I have had many does, white and colored, winning the Best of Breed even Best In Show in the national conventions. Buck wise, I have only had two winning convention BOB and group and those are Ashton and Nolan.

At the present time, I have four convention BOB living in my barn: colored buck Ashton, colored doe Sevenah, white buck Nolan and white doe Susie; four BOB and one in each kind.

Ashton is Sevenah's grandfather; Sevenah is Susie's mother. Ashton is also Nolan's great grandfather, and Nolan has sired Maddex, the BOS in the 2009 convention. It is a family tradition to compete in the national conventions.

Ashton also has the honor of having his photo as the breed photo in the most current ARBA poster and the same photo is on the breed page of the 2009 ARBA convention official catalog. Furthermore, a different photo of Ashton is gracing the page of Angora rabbits on Wikipedia."


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