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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Greetings from Armando and Family

We have not seen our favorite judge Armando since the convention in Michigan. He has a new job that keeps him very busy; and the whole family is active in their church. That leaves not much time to go to far away shows.

Armando and family send their greetings to the people in the wonderful world of rabbits. We should also say that his world includes the wonderful world of cavies. In addition to Armando's prizing winning Mini Rex and Mini Satin, he is now the proud breeder of prizing winning Texel cavy. Mini Rex, Mini Satin and Texel cavy are all breeds that emphasize in their coats. No wonder Armando is so good at Angora breeds; Angora is the ultimate fur/wool breed.

The top picture was taken when the entire family went to the Disneyland. The next three photos are Armando's beautiful Texels. Alisa in the second picture is a double Best In Show winner.


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