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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Mackie Enjoys Good life

Mackie has been known as the "mama's boy" since he was a baby; one of his favorite things was to sleep on mama Betty's lap.  

He had a wonderful show career and appeared on this blog often, see:

Five months ago Mackie was adopted by Gina as her only indoor rabbit.
Mackie enjoys his life as the only "mama's boy" with Gina.    When Gina knits, Mackie sleeps on her lap.

Gina is afraid that Mackie would be lonely so she brings home two little French boys.

Mackie checks out his new friends.

Mackie is a generous soul, he loves his little companions Jasper and Boy,  they all share food together.

Mackie, Jasper and Boy all hang out together.



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