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Monday, October 14, 2019

It's a Wonderful Life

We love our Angora, we take care of them, we groom them, then they go to shows, and they have babies.   They have a good life, but the really wonderful life is ... be on the sofa watching TV with mama Gina.  This is the wonderful life of Betty's retired Grand Champion doe Kendria now renamed Flueri.     Gina and Flueri reside in the north Bay.

… to be held like babies by mama Peggy.  These are Betty's retired Grand Champion sisters Halos and Cuties.   Halos and Cuties live with Peggy in Southern California.

… to be couch potatoes with mama Carolyn.  Carolyn calls Fawnessa, Imari and Tiffany princess for a good reason, they live like royalties.     The three princesses live with Carolyn in Davis. 


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