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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Returning Home from the ARBA Convention in MA

The ARBA convention is finally over.   Carol and Betty had a 7 am flight at the Boston Logan Airport.   With a 3 hour drop off requirement for the rabbits, we arrived at the Delta cargo office at 3:55 am.

It was a pleasant surprise to see there are two "cargo assistants" outside the cargo office ready to help.

After more than half an hour getting the kennel assembled in the cold and dark, we have the kennels ready to go inside the cargo office.

We are happy to see the counter agents are the same as the ones we met when we arrived five days ago.  It makes things so much easier as we do not have to explain ourselves.  The next stop is to return the rental van then we barely have time making it to our flight in the passenger terminal.   

After a six hour flight and two hour wait at the SFO Delta cargo office, the buns finally arrive.  SFO Delta agents are enchanted by our beauties.

It's a good public relations move to accept the request to hold my English Angora to take pictures.

And more pictures.  Hopefully when we ship rabbits next time, they'll remember us and be friendly and comfortable in handling rabbit shipping.

Carol's hubby Jim is ready to take Carol's rabbits to their van.

And it concludes our trip to the 2018 ARBA convention, ...

The 2019 ARBA convention is only 11 months away, Reno here we come!!!


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