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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

HGF Angora Goats Winning Big at Shenandoah Fiber Festival

HGF Angora goats had a great showing at the Shenandoah Fiber Festival at the end of September.  In addition to the goats winning, the fleeces also won Champion and Reserve Champion.

Four winning bucks, the kid bucks won over the older bucks and received the titles of Champion and Reserve Champion.

Champion buck HGF Jacob.

Reserve Champion buck HGF Elijah.

HGF doe entries.

Champion doe Kid Hollow Farm Licorice.

Madi and Eric showing kid does. 

Yearling buck HGF Rufus shown by Eric.  Eric, where is your bowtie?

First place kid doe. HGF Artemis.

Breeders Flock three bucks: Deuteronomy, Rufus, Tykvah.  People from left to right:
Eric, Madi and Matt.

Madi, Ashley and Matt are the best helpers.

Madi, Ashley, Matt and Angie are the owner of the Blue Mountain Fibermill booth.  If you recall, Carol and family had a wonderful visit at their Harrisburg home a few months ago.


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