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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Shyun and Christine Visiting at Portola Valley

One of the fun things of showing is to have visitors.  Shyun on the right is Betty's graduate student in the early 1980s.  
Betty just started having a few French Lop and Shyun fell in love the big flop eared rabbit.   She received one as a gift, never stopped having rabbits since.  Betty and Shyun have become besties for life.     Shyun received her Master's degree then became a CPA, practicing for over 30 years.

Christine is Shyun's eldest daughter, born after Shyun's first French Lop.   Now Christine is a MBA working in Chicago, she has never attended a rabbit show so mama takes her visiting Betty and the show at Portola Valley.

Betty with Christine, Shyun and Shyun's sister-in-law May.


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