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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Long and Fun Trip for Tammy and Arianne

From Washington, Tammy arrives at the showroom on Friday, look at the space that she's saving for the wool people, she is a saint!

Judging starts, we are all having fun together, from left to right are Christine, Amanda, Jill, Betty, Carol and Arianne.  Tammy is behind the camera.

Tammy's Giant Angora gets the nod from judge Cheryl.

Judge Allan likes Arianna's Satin Angora.

Arianne has her Satin Angora scarf out for people to touch.  

Dinner on Friday night at Appleby's, from left to right are Kevin, Carol, Rachel, Corinne, Cathy, Arianne and Matt.  Tammy is behind the camera again.

On Sunday, Tammy and Arianne visit In-N-Out Burger.   We take In-N-Out for granted but out of state visitors consider In-N-Out a must-visit spot in California.

Kevin says, "Don't you girls had enough fun, can we go home now?"


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