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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Angora Breed Secretary Hard at Work

Melissa is the Angora breed secretary at the ARBA convention.  She worked side by side with judge Stacy for 14 hours straight on Monday to complete the open judging then got up at the crack of dawn to work another 5 hours to complete the youth judging.   Not only she took comments from judge Stacy and worked on all the paper work, she also updated the  NARBC page on Facebook with all the rankings in each class.   Those who were not able to go to the convention got the information real time.  

If you notice there barely anyone is in the grooming area when Melissa takes a moment to help groom Deb's rabbits.  She did not bring any of her own rabbits so that she could concentrate in working at the judging table.

Melissa finally got a breather, she looks tired, justifiably so, she is the hardest working breed secretary we've ever seen.


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