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Monday, September 04, 2017

Hot, Hot, Hot

These few days have been very challenging weather wise.    Lots of rabbits lost lives according to posts on social media.  Luckily so far our friends have not reported any loss of their Angora herd.   

Betty lives in Morgan Hill, CA:

Morgan Hill is a town with hot summers but it's hard to believe my eyes to see the weather forecast last Thursday, forecast said that it would be 107 in my town on Friday.   How high did it get to? It was 108.  With swamp coolers, mister hoses, fans, my rabbits were not happy but all made it.

Those towns to the northeast of my town have even higher numbers.  Not shown on the map is San Francisco that is known for having cool summers.  There's the well-known quote that Mark Twain never said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”   The typical summer temperature is in the 60s.   This weekend, San Francisco temperature reached 106, it set an all time high record.  

It's a total shock to get to 114 on Saturday! 

This "weather report" is delayed because all of us were in the surviving mode to keep rabbits alive.   In addition to all the swamp coolers, misters, fans, additional water was sprayed every half an hour.    On Sunday, it went down to a "cool" 102.   

I'm glad that we survived this weekend, hope not to see any heat like this one anymore.


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