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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Commercial Angora Yarn

Most of the Angora yarn nowadays are done by "cottage industry" that means independent mills that mill Angora blend yarns either by commission or as their own product,  or rabbit raisers who produce 100% Angora yarn by hand spinning.      However there is still a wholesale yarn company that imports 100% Angora mill spun yarn from France.    This box of Angora yarn is dyed jet black, there are 10 balls in the box.


Each ball of this commercial Angora yarn is 10 grams (less than 1/2 of an oz, one oz = 28.3495 grams).


It is a very old brand, has been around for a long time; recently it was re-registered by a company in the US.

This pair of fingerless mitten used about 1-1/2 ball of this commercial Angora yarn.  The yarn is lacey weight, too fine for the mitten, so two strands were put together for the knitting.



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