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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ida has a Busy Schedule

Ida was a Best In Show winner...

and a TV star...

and was filmed for a German TV program...

After she retired from the show circuit, she takes on the job as a therapy bunny.    Matilda is thrilled to get the chance to hold Ida.

Ida comforts Theresia when she recovers from her surgery.

April says,

Ida has been very busy, she went to the senior home on Wednesday, then to the girls club in the same evening, then went to visit a handicap boy the next day.   Today she has bunny picture with the Easter bunny.   Everyone at PetSmart loved her and she rode the conveyer belt to the cash register, never flinched.  People were taking pictures of her.   Ida is always on the run to various places to do her job.    Percy goes but he doesn't really like visiting but to give Ida a break sometimes.   Ida is a little hambone and is so perfect, never poops or pees, waits till she gets home to her cage.


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